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um....... yeah. I totally forgot I had this. I can't handle Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube AND LJ. geez, I'm not wonderwoman! :P

so, um... my life now? full of GCSEs. funtimes. teachers are all, "THESE ARE SO GODDAMN IMPORTANT!" and I'm like, "THEN WHY DO I NOT CARE." it's like, I don't need a GCSE in Russian. When the hell am I gonna wanna speak Russian?

Anyway, I'm running out of money. Big time. Christmas money is gone and birthday money is almost gone. Only got what, £125 for my birthday. Spent £50 of it on my Asylum 7 ticket (which Mitch Pileggi is going to! Super excited, not a Grampa Soup fan, but he was on That '70s Show) and then £45 on three boxsets of That '70s Show. I still need to buy season eight. I NEED MANY MANY DVDS OF MY LOVES MILA KUNIS AND LAURA PREPON. <3

sent off apps for colleges. had an interview for Shrewsbury Sixth Form, woman seemed impressed, so fingers crossed :D was super worried my autism would make her go "WTF? Weird girl." like people do every fucking time (hello, Asylum 5 and 700 people who now hate me because I don't know what the fuck I did wrong). but I did mention my narcolepsy, because like, teachers will need to know why I'm falling asleep.

speaking of narcolepsy, I told mum I have it. first she laughed like she always does whenever any of us say we think there's something wrong, then Shaun came home and she told him and he was all serious about it. but now I can't go out on my own because it's apparently dangerous. IT'S NOT LIKE I'M GONNA BE DRIVING OR ANYTHING. and this totally sucks right, because it's half term and I have plans. but my nan's coming up next week and hopefully I can persuade her to be my unpaid taxi.

now I have to choose between watching Heroes or That '70s Show. basically, Ali Larter or Laura Prepon. how to choose?! I love them both. they're so damn awesome ^^
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actor meme thang

Basicallyyyy, hobbitrockgod  gave me some actors and actresses and I has to say what my fave thing of theirs is.


Mel Gibson Chicken Run
Misha Collins Supernatural
Zac Efron Hairspray
Dominic Monaghan FlashForward
Robin Williams Night At The Museum
Shia LeBeouf never seen him in anything
Harrison Ford Star Wars
Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes
Jude Law Sherlock Holmes
Keanu Reeves never seen him in anything
Tom Cruise War Of The Worlds

Mila Kunis The Book Of Eli
Tina Fey never seen her in anything (though I wanna see the Invention of Lying)
Julia Stiles never seen her in anything
Amanda Seyfried Mamma Mia!
Kristen Bell Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Megan Fox never seen her in anything
Michelle Rodriguez Resident Evil
Idina Menzel Glee (followed closely by Enchanted)
Amy Poehlr Shrek
Zoe Saldana Pirates Of The Caribbean
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5 quezzies and an offer of cookies

1. Comment on this entry saying "What's Up?"
2. I will reply to your comment with five questions.
3. Update your journal with the answers.

my questions came from m'dear luvvie, charlieinnocnce  :D

1. How did you get into vidding and writing fanfiction?

Both through the same way, really. About May time last year, I joined a Michael Emerson fan forum. Sophie (benlinusisagoodguy from LVI) is on there and we all know how awesome her vids are. I saw how she could express her fangirliness through vidding and I thought, I wanna do that! So I opened up my now arch-nemesis WMM, and made a really crap vid :P but I was proud of what it was ^_^

As for fanfic, on that same site, there was a roleplay thread (started by Sophie :P but she wasn't really in it anymore when I joined up) in which I established Carrie as who she is today. I did fic a few years before, some Dr Who stuff, but it was really rubbish Mary Sue stuff. Also for about two years before writing Carrie, I'd had her in my head, but she was a Torchwood character at first, I just turned her into a LOST character. Because I already knew her so well, I got really into it, and voila. :)

2. What is your favorite thing to do, away from the computer?

Away... from computer? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Seriously though, I love going to the cinema. The atmosphere and the experience is amazing :D unfortunately I can't go much, as it's £7 for an adult ticket, and I don't have that kinda monies! >.<

3. What is a dream of yours, something you want to do in your life?
Don't laugh. But I have always wanted to be an actress. I know loads of people want to, which is why I've kinda given up on it being a possibility, but I adore acting, which is why I love TV and movies so much - some of the acting, like from Michael Emerson and his eyes, just astounds me. One thing that makes me different from most other dreamers is that I can genuinely act, and I know I can. But because of the competitive market, my talent goes wasted and that makes me a sad panda :(

4. What is your favorite TV show?
I think Supernatural is very slowly overtaking LOST. I like the fact that it's focused on just Sam and Dean. It doesn't have much romance - anyone who treads that territory ends up dead pretty quickly! It has action, hot guys ;), brilliant plots, wonderful storytelling, an outstanding cast, and most importantly, ANGST.  When Sam and Dean get angsty, it's just the best thing ever XD

5. Who are your favorite actors/actresses?

I have so many! To rattle off a few - Nestor Carbonell, Mila Kunis, Michelle Rodriguez, Misha Collins, Emma Watson, Milla Jovovich, Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Emilie de Ravin. There's loads more, but I'll stop now. :)

I recall offering cookies. If anyone can give me a step-by-step guide for dummies on getting a banner on the top of my journal, you shall have cookies. :)
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Geeky SPN fan alert!

So I finally got money for once, and guess what? The photoshoots with Misha Collins and meet'n'greet sessions at the SPN convention are only SOLD OUT. MAJOR SUCKAGE. >.< I have £40, so instead I'm gonna compensate with getting two photos - one with Richard Speight, Jr (Gabriel) and one with Mark Sheppard (Crowley) =D


I found out you can have two attendees in a photo with a guest, so my new best friend Amy said I can come in hers with Misha =D and she's gonna come in mine with Richard and Mark. ACKSHGREIGK SO EXCITED. And we're gonna stalk MishMish at the hotel after, LOL XD so now I've gone from my original plan of a meet'n'greet with the cast and a photo with Misha, to photos with Misha, Richard and Mark! I like this second option better! =D and Amy'll be in the photos too, which is a good thing XD eeeeeeeeeeep I'm gonna squee my pants!

to celebrate..... a Misha GIF!

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Title: Ocean
Author: bellemacfarlane 
Prompt: ocean
Characters:  Shannon Rutherford, April Campbell (OC)
Rating: U
Disclaimer: LOST doesn't belong to me, kay? ^_^
Notes/Warnings: A few days after the crash, April and Shannon have a conversation amongst the waves.

April stood in the waves, her jeans rolled up to above her knees. She looked out across the sea, her mind finally off the crash and everything that had been going on.

"You look like a hick." A familiar voice said behind her. April smiled without looking around.

"Hello, Shannon."

Shannon joined April in the ocean. Glancing over, April saw that her girlfriend was in her bikini.

"You've been sunbathing again," she commented, looking back out at the ocean. "You'll be getting a lot of attention in that. I think that English boy likes you. Charlie."

"Yeah, well," Shannon shrugged, "I can use him for my advantage then. Boone dared me to fish. I could easily get Charlie to do it for me."

A knowing half-smile arrived on April's face. "If there's one thing you're good at," she agreed, "it's getting other people to do things for you."

Shannon looked at her, half-annoyed, wondering what she could mean. "I can do things myself, you know."

April raised her eyebrows. "I know you can." She turned to face Shannon. "But that's what Boone wants you to prove. He asked you to fish, not to get a fish. Right here, right now, I dare you to catch a fish. All by yourself." She turned and walked to the shore. Once she was on the wet sand, April turned back around. Shannon was still standing in the ocean, looking radiant in her bikini, with her hair gently blown by the wind. The sun shone behind her, making her look almost saintly - although April knew, better than anyone else save perhaps Boone, that Shannon was far from saintly.

"You don't think I can do it," Shannon called after her, her voice carried away slightly by the seabreeze.

"Oh, I believe you can," April called back. "I just don't think you will."
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Title: Rough
Author: bellemacfarlane 
Prompt: rough
Characters:  Richard Alpert, Carrie Copeland (OC)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: LOST doesn't belong to me, kay? ^_^
Notes/Warnings: Shameless fluff. Haven't written any in almost a year due to the angst of season 6, so I decided to go back to the happy-go-lucky Others camping days. (:

Carrie stretched and awoke. She watched the side of the tent for a while, following the silhouettes passing by with her eyes. She heard footsteps behind her and a familiar voice that made her smile.

"I know you're up," Richard said.

Carrie turned. "What gave it away?"

"You weren't snoring."

Carrie slapped him playfully as she sat up. "I do not snore!"

Richard smiled. "You do, like a chainsaw," he teased.

She tried to mimick the sound, sounding more like a pig than a chainsaw. They both laughed, and shared a quick kiss.

"You need a shave," Carrie told him.

"I know," Richard agreed. "But we appear to be in the middle of the jungle."

"I'm sure one of the trees around here has really sharp bark."

"So, what, rub my face up against it?"

Carrie nodded. "Don't worry, it'll only peel away part of your face."

Richard handed her a mango. "Breakfast," he informed her.

"Ooh, same as yesterday. Imaginitive."

"I'm the chef out here," he told her. "You're the chef inside."

"Inside where?" Carrie asked. "We can't go back now, thanks to Ben's wonderful plan to make us all stink."

"I thought you said I need a shave, not a shower," Richard said, narrowing his eyes in mock suspiscion.

"You need both, you smell of mango and mansweat. Not a good combination."

"Seeing as we're living out here, I may as well adjust to it," he replied. "What do you say to a beard?"

"I say f-ck off." Carrie stood up, and pulled her trousers on. She'd kept her top on overnight. She felt Richard's arms wrap around her waist from behind. He playfully rubbed his stubbly cheek against hers. She leant her head backwards, resting it on his shoulder and looked up at him. "Still no," she teased, releasing from his grip. Playfully, she practically skipped from the tent, all intents set on digging René out and bugging her about what she and Eric had been up to the previous night.
castiel, mishmish, supernatural, misha collins


Title: First
Author: bellemacfarlane 
Prompt: first
Characters:  Castiel, Zoey Maynard (OC)
Rating: 12A
Disclaimer: Zoey Maynard belongs to me. But Castiel doesn't. =)
Notes/Warnings: At the beginning of the Apocalypse, Castiel rebels against Heaven and has a moment with Zoey.
Vessel: Billie Piper

Exhausted, Zoey fell back onto the bed, her eyes closed. She listened to the soothing sound of the rain on the window. She took a deep breath in through her nose, taking in the scent of the hotel room. It smelt lemony and fresh, like it had been cleaned moments before she'd arrived.

She lay on the bed for what felt like hours, drifting in and out of sleep. It was like therapy to her, to finally stop. For the past year, Castiel had been vigorously training her up to her full angelic potential. On top of that was Sam's growing darkness and Dean's return from Hell. It had been hard for Zoey not to tell the boys who and what she was, especially when Dean was trying to discover what had brought him back from Hell. She had ached to tell him it was an angel, but she had sworn she wouldn't tell.

Within the stillness and the tranquility, Zoey heard a small noise, like a bird taking flight. She smiled, and opened her eyes. Just as the noise had informed her, Castiel had appeared out of nowhere. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, right next to her. He looked down at her, frowning, as if he were studying her every feature.

"What?" She asked. Zoey made the accent American, as she had always spoke like that, but there was a hint of her vessel's English accent beneath it.

"What are you doing?" Castiel asked in reply. Being an angel, he had no idea of human emotions, despite now emoting more than he had when they had first met. His voice, too, disguised another. While his voice was deep and gravelly, it was merely a disguise for his vessel's true voice.

"Stopping," Zoey replied, propping herself up on her elbows. "I like to do it sometimes, but you haven't let me in the last year. What are you doing?"

Castiel blinked as she bounced the question back at him.

"I think I know how to stop the Apocalypse," he informed her.

Zoey sat up fully and crossed her legs in front of her. "Really?" She said sarcastically. "That's good, because I was worried for a minute that the world was gonna fall to pieces."

She could tell Castiel couldn't understand her sarcasm. However, he passed over it, and pressed on, "we need to find God."

Zoey raised her eyebrows. "I hear praying a lot helps that somehow." There was a pause. Then, she looked up at him and asked, "why did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Why did you rebel against Heaven? I mean... if you stayed on their side, wouldn't that be better? We'd have someone on the inside then."

Castiel looked away. "The rules of Heaven are... strict. They don't..." he hesitated as he struggled to find the right words. "They don't approve of how close I've become. To Dean, to Sam... to you."

Zoey looked at him curiously, wondering if he could mean what she thought he meant.

"They believe," Castiel continued, not noticing the curious look in her eyes, "that my relationship with you has become... inappropriate."

"Is it?"

The words came out of her mouth before she realized they were in her head. Castiel looked back at her.

"I don't understand," he began, but Zoey interrupted.

"That's your problem," she smiled. "You never understand."

He was still looking at her, wearing the curious look she had moments ago. The space between them was incredibly short, but it didn't seem that way as it slowly got smaller until, eventually, her lips touched his.

Castiel drew back slightly, surprised. He and Zoey looked at each other for a moment, and then their lips touched again.

Just softly. He didn't quite know what he was doing. But she did.
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OC challenge

Okay, I totally don't use LJ like this. But I thought I'd take a shot at this OC challenge thing. And I think I need to post this on my profile. That's what Eryn did anyway :P soo.... yeah. I might not get around to all these. But I shall try. :)

Table 1

Character: Zoey Maynard
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Zoey/Sam, Zoey/Cas

MetalGoldSilverCopperWriter's Choice

Table 2

Character: April Campbell
Fandom: LOST
Pairings: April/Shannon, Shannon/Sayid, Shannon/Boone, April/Boone

CountryColdHotAngerWriter's Choice

Table 3

Character: Suki Hayashi
Fandom: Fringe
Pairings: Suki/Astrid, Suki/Walter, Suki/Peter

RumbleShakeClickSmoothWriter's Choice

Table 4

Character: Carrie Copeland
Fandom: LOST
Pairings: Carrie/Richard, Carrie/Ben

HurtLaughKickDrinkWriter's Choice